The construction of the sandy city for this year’s jubilee edition is taking place. This year the festival will bring together the best and the most interesting over the years. His theme is “Sandy Tales”, which will “bring back” the visitors to their hearty childhood, where time has stopped and everything is cheerful and carefree.

21 talented sculptors from around the world, including 11 Bulgarian artists, will be the “culprits” of the unique fairytale atmosphere that will take over the Sea Garden this summer. For the more attractive vision of the figures, it is more creative and a broken view of a plot, so that the final image can be impressive and interesting enough for the audience.

The fairytale city will open in the beginning of July and in good weather will be waiting for its guests by the end of September. The place is the same – Ezero Park near the Horse Base and the prices are unchanged – 1.50 BGN for pensioners and students, 2.50 BGN for a group ticket, 3.50 BGN for a normal ticket and free entrance for children under 7 years, and for disabled persons .

We only have to stand by them, smile and seal the memory forever.